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Vitiligo Lanka is managed by the Ayush Kendra Institute and has been in operation for five generations. Dr. Nafeesdeen, Ayur. Consultant Dermatologist is presently running this Institution successfully. Thousands of patients affected by Vitiligo have been treated here successfully. So far, most of them have been cured completely.

Our Products

  • Svithrahara Vati
  • Svithrahara Churanum
  • Anti-Psoriasis Oil
  • Kilashadee Alepana
  • Kilashadee Lepam
  • Kilashadee Thailaya
  • Kitimba Lepam
  • Kushta Kesari

  • Person Dr. N. Nafeesdean
  • Address Vitiligo Lanka,
    Ayush Ayurveda,
    Kappalgama, Kalawewa,
    Vijithapura, Sri Lanka.