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Senok Windows Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2005, as a subsidiary of Senok Trade combine Limited. All premium raw materials are supplied by leading German manufacturers of UPVC extrusions for windows and doors.

The initial products, which were brought down and marketed in Sri Lanka, were UPVC doors and windows. Due to their new product development scheme, Senok Windows moved into areas of insect screens, partitions,double glazing, bathroom shower cubicles, window boards, window cells, skirting, mirror frames, Curtain Walling which made their progress steady and firm. The present products are having a healthy demand and we have foreseen some niche markets, which we hope to, enter with some more new products and extend our product portfolio.

The benefits that Senok Window Systems offer the customers are many. The windows and doors, which we offer,are tropicalised to withstand our weather conditions and are guaranteed against warping, cracking and discoloration, thereby giving our customers optimum satisfaction in using their windows and doors. This completely cuts down the maintenance cost and hardship for the customer with extremely less maintenance cost when compared with timber & aluminum.

The sealing system prevents draught from coming inside and the superior drainage system takes out the moisture, which gets trapped in the frame. With double glaze the sound reduction is also very impressive and our system conducts less heat due to the multi-chamber profiles, hence reducing the electricity consumption ofbuildings with air conditioning.

This environment friendly product is termite proof and is the best substitute for aluminum and timber. The insect screen system is the newest addition to our product range. It is available in various colors and can be installed on any new or existing timber, aluminum or UPVC window. This assures the prevention of any mosquito’s, flies & bugs entering your home due to the high quality mohair which is placed around your window / door.

The 10 year guarantee which we give against warping, cracking and discoloration assure you that you have selected the highest quality window and door system available in Sri Lanka.

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