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We commenced business activities related to demolishing of business and allied service by our reputed established named“GLORY HELPERS” in 2006 and currently provide government and private sectors successfully. Furthermore, numerous transaction are implemented amicably by coordinating with the private sector customers in order to establish the relationship in the respective customers.

The experienced employees of “GLORY HELPERS” assures the safety of the proprietors of the buildings by attending intensively to their needs while the demolishing operation executed. We have a team of expert to conciliate & come to a conclusion in regard to any issues with the dwellers who reside at the vicinity of the demolishing premises.


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Our Services

  • Demolishing & clearing debris of the commercial building.
  • Demolishing & clearing the debris of personal houses.
  • Development of bare lands.
  • Land reclamation.
  • Transportation of debris materials.
  • Cutting down trees.
  • Renovation & maintain houses & apartments.
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  • Address No-57, 2nd Floor, Main Street, Attidiya, Sri Lanka.